About Us
Ming Lai Head of Research and Development

Dr. Lai has worked for the last 20 years for Bausch and Lomb and Zeiss Humphrey Systems, at all stages of product development from product inception through Food and Drug Administration approval and post-marketing analysis. Dr. Lai brings to the team 20 years of optical design experience and is leading the effort to develop the CAVCAM and RetiVue WF from proof of concept to commercial device.

Contact mlai@retivue.com

Paul Yates Founder of RetiVue

Dr. Yates has been involved at all stages of initial optical and electrical design of the Cavcam and RetiVue WF platforms, including first proof of concept testing of the earliest devices in patients. Dr. Yates is a practicing vitreoretinal specialist and also has experience as a biomedical engineer designing all of the electronics and software for the early alpha prototypes. He currently directs the University of Virginia Diaetic Retinopathy Screening program, and has been integral in bringing low-cost mobile device technology into these screening efforts. In this capacity, he fully understand the challenges of creating a sustainable and cost-efficent screening network that reaches patients most in need.

Contact pyates@retivue.com

Cuong La Lead Cloud Software Architect

Mr. La has been involved in network infrastructure and medical image transmission and processing for much of the last decade working at both Siemens Healthcare and the University of California, San Francisco. He brings advanced experience in creating novel software architectures that marry mobile device, cloud infrastructure, and encryption/HIPAA compliance techniques that are key for delivery of our unique services. He also brings a unique understanding of image analysis and photo-stitching.

Contact cla@retivue.com

Christian Martinez Lead Mobile Software Designer

Mr. Martinez has developed prototype apps for both the Cavcam and RetiVue WF imagers to coordinate software communication with these camera systems and electronics and provide touchscreen based interfaces for these systems. He is also leading our automated image analysis and montaging effort, and has a special interest in computer vision systems.

Contact cmartinez@retivue.com

David Yi Lead Hardware Designer

Mr. Yi recently graduated from the University of Virginia with dual degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering. He has developed the RetiVue WF onboard electronics including the embedded microcontroller, LED driver, and hardware communications. He has also been integral in developing protocols for clinical testing of our devices.

Contact dyi@retivue.com